Charles Stransky
Charles Stransky

“The Russian, played with a superb touch of comic irony by Charles, Stransky, has been a representative at these arms reduction talks since 1969.”  NEWS-HERALD

“Andrey Botvinnik is played with great charm by Charles Stransky.  It is easier to like Stransky’s Russian character because of his mature wisdom and sense of humor and, in fact, we are drawn to him for most of the first act.” TROY RECORD

“Stransky is good as Botvinnik, and he acts as much with his body language as he does with Blessing’s words.”  TIMES UNION

“Stransky, with the most economical gestures and movements, arched eyebrows, and impish grin, splendidly captures Botvinnik’s eagerness for a good time in a profession that can only promise failure.”  THE DAILY GAZETTE

“Stransky in particular, draws the humor and the many “bon mots” in the sylvan encounters. The actor knows just when to be serious and turn the situation his way, careful to frustrate without alienating his younger rival.”  WAMC - RADIO

“I loved Botvinnik’s(Stransky) fey “eyebrow dance” when he encouraged Honeyman to “be frivolous with me” and leave off talking about serious matters.” THE CHRONICLE

“As Andrey, Stransky reminded me of a sort of dapper and intellectual Lou Costello, deliberately playing dumb for the sheer entertainment of watching his straight man squirm, but not in an unfriendly way.” METROLAND

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