Charles Stransky
Charles Stransky

"The company of Equity actors was fun to watch. Charles Stransky was ebullient and overbearing as the manically upbeat literary agent in prusuit of The Deal.." - The Arts Fuse

"The play is a sharp satire on greedy commerce and an exuberantly un-PC examination of racial pride and prejudice, couched in a comedy-thriller format in which almost no one is quite what they seem to be. ...Charles Stransky's Abe, who is by turns smarmy, sarcastic, bullying and unapologetically unscrupulous.." - The Valley Advocate

"And, the cast is excellent. Charles Stransky (Abe) is a wheeler-dealer sociopath. His body language includes the tics of smugness (e.g., shoulder twitch). His bombast, insincerity, unconscionable prejudices, and unsupportive sense of entitlement creates a character worthy of contempt. ." - In The Spotlight

"The Chester production, directed by Regge Life, is anchored by two strong performers. Charles Stransky is potent if overbearing as Abe, who can shift into a new sales mode at any time." The Pittsfield Gazette

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